Museum of the artist of dreams opens in Brussels

R.Magritte. Golconda. 1953

New museum of the Belgian artist-surrealist Rene Magritte will be opened in Brussels. Museum opening is planned for June 9, 2009. As organizers plan the permanent exposition of the museum will include over 170 works by celebrated master. This collection is to be the largest one. Cost for works on museum foundation is to be €4 500 000 according to provisional data. The museum will be located in a complex of Royal museums of fine arts.

On May, the ceremony of opening of the beginning of works was held. On this ceremony the facade of the building where Magritte’s museum was to be placed was covered with a huge canvas on which the late, not finished picture of the artist «The Light of Empire» was reproduced.

Rene Magritte is one of the most outstanding surrealists. He created the world of imagination and dreams in his pictures. He reproduced objects of real surrounding world in each detail, but in absurd setting and combinations – huge bright green apple grows from a room wall; people are as if rain drops which fall on roofs; huge heavy stone is living in the cloudy sky. Pictures by this artist create a feeling of mysterious intensity and fear; this feeling is achieved by the depiction of setting which has nothing to do with normal and habitual. The secret of Magritte’s works consists in a contrast between perfectly put «hyperreal» objects and their strange combinations and unnatural setting.

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