Violin. G. Guarneri del Gesu . 1741

There was sold a unique violin of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu (1698–1744), celebrated Italian artist at Sotheby’s auction. Formerly the instrument belonged to Henri Vieuxtemps (1820–1881), Belgian masterly violinist and composer. Maxim Viktorov, Russian businessman paid for it a sum which is a world record for musical instruments. Henri Vieuxtemps played this violin at concerts for fifteen years. Over one hundred years it was at private collection and over seventy years nobody played it. It was the first time when the auctioneers had an opportunity to hear the sound of this magnificent instrument dated 1741 year at the London sales of the auction house. Chloe Hanslip, a twenty years old British woman played 24th virtuous caprice by Paganini and musical piece from «Red Violin-2» movie. Maxim Viktorov commented his purchase: «I was very glad when I knew that this excellent instrument is put up for sale. I promise that this concert which took place after seventy years will happen again. In Moscow this violin will sound for the first time on March 22 at Big Hall of Conservatory. Pinkhas Zuckerman, an outstanding musician will play works by Bach, Mozart and Max Brukh. I hope that this instrument will inspire artists who will play it. In a way it inspired his first owner Henri Vieuxtemps who composed for it real masterpieces».

Tim Ingles, head of Sotheby’s department of musical instruments told: «Violin of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu which belonged to Henri Vieuxtemps is the instrument of incredible cultural and historical value. Its new appearance in society means a lot for the whole musical world. Henri Vieuxtemps played it at concerts for over fifteen years in the period of 1840s till early 1860s. He composed for it and played his Fourth violin concert for the first time. For the period of one hundred years one family was the owner of the violin. Now when this instrument is in public again I’m glad that it will leave for Russia».

On February 17, violin of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu which belonged to Henri Vieuxtemps will arrive to Moscow to the 188 – anniversary since the birth of outstanding Belgian violinist and composer.

On May 2006, there was made a previous record for musical instruments at Christie’s sales in New York. Unknown auctioneer paid $3 540 000 for the violin of Antonio Stradivari (1708). The instrument was known under the name of Hamme.

Price record for Guarneri violins was made at Sotheby’s sales at London department on November 1988. Violin made in 1743 in Cremona known as «Baron Hit» was sold for £572 000.

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