I. Repin. Manifesto of October 17, 1905. 1911. Oil on canvas. 184,0 И 323,0. The State Russian Museum.

British Royal Academy of Arts tried to pay off the heirs of Ivan Morozov and Sergey Shchukin, famous Russian donators and collectors of works of art. Nowadays the exhibition named «From Russia: French and Russian Master Paintings 1870–1925» is being held in London. This exposition has already become the reason for a scandal in relationship between Russia and Great Britain. The opening of the exhibition was postponed by Russian side because of a fear concerning the possibility of arrest of works of art either by Swiss firm’s «Noga» suit or by heirs of pre-revolution owners of canvases who demanded to return them their family property. British Government was to pass a special law quickly to guarantee the inviolability of exhibits.

It is a known fact now that on December the representatives of British Royal Academy of Arts met with Andrew-Mark Deloq-Furkoe and Pier Konovaloff, heirs of Ivan Morozov and Sergey Shchukin. At this meeting they were suggested £5000 (≈$10 000) on condition that they would not demand the return of pictures from the coming «From Russia» exhibition. Shchukin’s and Morozov’s heirs state that 25 works belong to them out of 120 exhibits displayed in London.

This information of Academy’s suggestion shocked a world of art.

The Academy representatives do not deny the fact that the heirs of collectors were suggested money. Charles Samaras Smith, director general of Academy said: «The Royal Academy has consulted a lot with lawyers as to this exhibition and also consulted with the representatives of the highest governmental level. Really, there were talks between lawyers of Academy and lawyers in France but any agreement was reached».

In their turn, Andrew-Mark Deloq-Furkoe and Pier Konovaloff claimed that they were glad that these pictures attracted so mach attention in the whole world and informed that they were not going to demand their return. According to their words they would like only to obtain the compensation from Russian Government and wanted the pictures to be declared once belonged to their families. However both of them turned to the Royal Academy asking for getting a share from sale tickets. The demanded share reaches £50 000.

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