б. Belyayev-Gintovt. Tillage. Yakut Gallery

Two leading Moscow galleries of modern art announced of their merging. The «Triumph» gallery, a great seller of foreign artists in Russia and Yakut Gallery which is the discoverer of many new names in Russian art of the late 20th and the early 21st centuries decided together to help in promotion of home painters in Russia and abroad. New entity will be named «Triumph».

Russian economics is on the rise for the last nine years. And the upstart class of well-off Russians is interested in articles of luxury and fine art.

Alexander Yakut, the owner of Yakut Gallery said: «This union is based on love to art and mutual benefit. We have common views concerning the role of art, but Yakut is perfect in the aspects of Russian artistic life and «Triumph» realizes financial support and international relationships».

In 1989 Yakut and Aydan Salakhova opened their first private art gallery in the USSR. After the socialistic system collapse Yakut helped some leading modern Russian painters including Georgy Guryanov, Semyen Faybisovich and Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe in their career promotion.

In early 2006 Alexander Yakut opened the biggest in its territory private gallery in Russia. It was located in half-destroyed cistern for natural gas of the 19th century in the very center of Moscow. It was closed last year because of the increased rent.

Yemelyan Zakharov, the co-owner of the «Triumph» gallery said: «Yakut knows about art a lot and we believe in his abilities in revealing of new Russian talents. Under the terms of union he will get his share from the sales of works of painters curated by him». «Triumph» will promote his protégés in Russia and abroad. Among them are Sergey Chayka, Alexey Belyayev-Gintovt and Ilya Gaponov.

The most successful «Triumph» project at an international level was AES+F which had shown a video «The Last Revolt» (2005 –2007) at the recent Venice Biennale. On December «Triumph» sold the third and the last variant of «The Last Revolt» to private fund which passed it to London Tate Modern.

In spite of the fact that the gallery was formed not so long ago in 2006 «Triumph» has already brought works of the top Western artist to Russia. On December the gallery represented works of celebrated British artists such as Jake and Dinos Chapman. They created some works especially for the Russian market. Among them are «Girl with a Basket» (2007) and «Hellscapes» (2006–2007). Most of the works were sold. On December 2006 «Triumph» displayed «New Religion» by Damien Hirst which was purchased by one Russian businessman.

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