The Order of Saint Catherine (Grand Cross). Saint-Petersburg. 19thC. Silver, gold, diamonds, enamel. 88,0 И 88,0. Estimate 12 480 000–15 000 000 rubles. «Cabinet». Articles of War History: Decorations, Medals, Orders of the Russian Empire. нПscow, March 1

On March 1, the «Cabinet» auction house will held the sales named «Articles of War History: Decorations, Medals, Orders of the Russian Empire» at Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora Hotel. The auction will represent articles related to the period of reigning of Catherine II, Paul I, three Alexanders, Nicolas I. Auctioneers will be offered rarities of the periods of Russian-Turkish wars, Schlusselburg seizure, Patriotic War of 1812, Eastern (Crimean) Campaign, Russian-Japanese War and other historical events during which peoples were awarded with medals, decorations and certificates of honour.

Future sales will represent the central lot which is Diamond Star of Saint Catherine Order (Grand Cross) by court jeweler of Emperor Alexander II. Orders of Grand Cross have almost never been marked with a stamp as they were ordered directly from royal jewelers. This decoration is in splendid condition. The total weight of diamonds is 16 carats. It was the rarest decoration in Russian Empire which was approved by Peter the Great in 1714 to the memory of Prussia Campaign against Turkey (1711) and in honor of Catherine Alexeyevna, his wife. The lot is estimated at 12 480 000–15 000 000 rubles (Пver $480 000–600 000).

Among other highlights is rare Order of Saint Vladimir Second Degree of the late 18th – 19th centuries (estimate 1 300 000–1 500 000 rubles). According to historical data till 1803 only 174 people were conferred these orders.

Other interesting lots are the Order of Saint Vladimir Fourth Degree with a notice «25 years» (by Albert Cable workshop) made in 1899–1905 (estimate 630 000–680 000 rubles) and the Order of Saint Vladimir Third Degree with swords of «Edward» firm, honorable decoration of the period of World War I.

The Order of Saint Georgy Fourth Degree («Edward» firm) of perfect condition is extremely rare for war orders which the awarded officer were to wear without putting off either in the ranks or in everyday peaceful life. The lot is estimated at 750 000–850 000 rubles.

In general there are sixty orders of pre-revolutionary Russia which are put up for sale. Auctioneers should pay attention to rare medals of the 18th – 19th centuries. In this string the top lot is surely to be neck silver medal «for bravery» of the period of Nicolas I reign. The lot is estimated at 3 000 000–3 800 000 rubles.

Section of orders is of special interest. Among its highlights are the rare Order «To the memory of 100 – anniversary of Finland Senate» (estimate 650 000–750 000 rubles), a unique set in the original box of the Order «XL of blameless service» on Georgi ribbon made in 1899 at Cable workshop (estimate 130 000–160 000 rubles) and also the Order «To the memory of 100 – anniversary of Battles Guards Staff and St. Petersburg military command» («Edward» firm, 1908 – 1917). The lot is estimated at 380 000–400 000 rubles.

It is important to mention a golden jetton of exquisite work having been released by joint-stock company of South-Eastern Road at the end of the 19th century (estimate120 000–140 000 rubles). The owner of golden jetton of private joint-stock company had a right to travel in first-class carriage. It is important to pay attention to the collection of orders and jettons «for excellent shooting» which included the original pendant of orders of the first, second and third degrees and also some silver jettons to a watch for award.

This auction is interesting for those who are fond of historical rarities and rare documents. Snuff-box (1810s) from the Cabinet of Emperor Alexander I (estimate 360 000–400 000 rubles) and merit certificates of military rank awarding with autographs by Empress Catherine II and Emperor Alexander I. For example, on June 4, 1764 military rank award of land colonel certificate was given to Andrey Nabokov, counsellor of the embassy, offspring of writer Vladimir Nabokov. The lot is estimated at 100 000–110 000 rubles.

Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora
нПУЛЧБ, ХМ. рЕФТПЧЛБ, Д. 11/20
фЕМ.: +7 (495) 238 1469

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