Sabre. Paris, Pirme. Estimate €35 000–40 000. Tajan. Armes et souvenirs historique. Paris, February 19

On February 19 French auction house Tajan is hosting the sales named Armes et souvenirs historique. The auction will represent armament and military souvenirs of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The top-lot is saber in good condition made in the period of First Empire in Paris workshops of Pirme. It is estimated at €35 000–40 000. The guard of blade is decorated with bronze palmettos. Black sheath is decorated with bronze covers which are the images of Greek warrior, Neptune, god of sea and a head of an Egyptian woman. According to legend this saber was presented to some Portuguese dignitary by Juno, Napoleon’s General.

Among the highlights there is saber with bronze guard of the officer from French mounted police of the 18th century model. It is in excellent condition. On a straight blade of perfect work there engraved two notices: «Vivat Regum Carissimus» and «Officier du Regiment Royale Carabinier». Leather sheath has three brass covers decorated with line engraving. The saber is estimated at €3000–3500.

Connoisseurs of antique armament will appreciate pistol for shooting range of Collette System (estimate €3200–3400). Pistol’s hilt is decorated with engraving in a form of floral ornament and a brand of Jongen brothers, Liege armourers. The set also includes a lock-up oak box for pistol trimmed with red felt inside; screwdriver and device for pistol disassembling.

Another highlight is saber in excellent condition of high officership of French Army of the Consul Period. Guard of engraved bronze is embellished with knob in a form of lion’s head; handle is made of ebony with exquisite carving. Curved blade is ornamented in Eastern style imitating damask. Engraved steel sheath is covered with brass and richly embellished with floral decoration with two big cartouches: «Bonaparte at Arkolesk Bridge» and with a trophy in Roman style. The lot is estimated at €2500–3000.

The other interesting lot is «Equestrial Statue of Jeanne D’Ark» made by Pual Dubois, French sculptor of the 19th century. It is estimated at €2800–3000.

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