Portraits by Anatoly Zverev at the «Nashchokin’s House»

A. Zverev. Red-haired Girl. 1966. Watercolor on board

The subject exhibition «Portraits by Anatoly Zverev» was launched at the Moscow-based art gallery «Nashchokin’s House» on September 5. Visitors to the event have an opportunity to see about one hundred drawings and paintings by renowned Russian artist Anatoly Zverev.

Anatoly Zverev (1931–1986) was a Russian artist, a member of the non-conformist movement and a founder of Russian Expressionism in the 1960s. He spent all of his life in Moscow.

Zverev’s work was admired by Picasso, and he exhibited around the world. Igor Markevitch, the French-Ukrainian conductor, said of him, «His place is in the Pantheon», and the Russian painter Robert Falk said, «Artists of that calibre are born only in 100 years». However, he did not have a solo show in Russia until shortly before his death in 1986 and his work was exhibited in small, underground galleries. Throughout his career he was harassed and persecuted by the Soviet authorities especially as his international success grew.

His syle of tachisme can be compared with the work of the American Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock. His work was based on deep philosophical convictions, particularly the idea of momentalism, that everything is in constant change. His intention was to render direct sensations, and he worked at great speed.

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