The State Hermitage in Italy

The celebrated State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is going to open a branch in Italy, in the fourteenth-century Castello Estense in the heart of Ferrara in October 2007. Hermitage director Mikhail Piotrovsky explains that the new branch will not be a «mini-Hermitage» but «a place where we will organize events conceived together about the history and the culture of Italy and Russia and the reciprocal influences between them». The first exhibition, scheduled to take place from autumn 2007 to winter 2008, will be dedicated to the seventeenth-century Ferrara school of painting, while the next exhibition, in 2010, will highlight Islamic art.

Hermitage Italia will also include a research and training center for experts from both Russia and Italy in the realms of art restoration, conservation, and management. While the exhibitions will be held in the restored castle, this center will be located in the Palazzo Giglioli. The entire cost of the operation – estimated at €400,000 annually – will be shared by both countries.

On May 18 to celebrate the future opening of the «Russian Academy» in Ferrara, the Hermitage together with Vatican Apostolic Library and some other Italian museums launched a subject exhibition titled «The Gates of St. Paul’s Cathedral in XXth Century». The important display commemorating 500th anniversary of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Rome features about 150 showpieces including rare coins and medals from the collection of the Library and works and sketches by three famous Italian sculptors whose oeuvre was closely connected with the Cathedral (Venanzo Crocetti, Giacomo Manz?, and Luciano Minguzzi).

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