Auction for Contemporaries and Descendants

S. Lysenko. The First Team. 1975. Oil on canvas. Estimate $13,000–15,000. Auction of Russian Genre Painting. Russian Gallery of Arts. Moscow, May 17

On May 17, the renowned hotel «Sovetsky» will host an auction, organized by the Russian Gallery of Arts. It will be the first subject auction dedicated to the so-called «genre painting». The sale will feature more than one hundred lots. On May 11, the Central House of Artists will host the pre-sale exhibition «The Great Bond of Time. History of Russian Genre Painting. XX Century». Thus, the Gallery is trying to popularize genre painting, to attract attention of the wide public to depiction of everyday life. This subject proves to be very interesting and important both for contemporaries and descendants.

L. Nefedova. Sunny Day. 1978. Oil on canvas. Estimate $11,000–12,000. Auction of Russian Genre Painting. Russian Gallery of Arts. Moscow, May 17

In the Central House of Artists on the territory of 1000 square meters, organizers of the event are planning to place one hundred genre pieces created by celebrated masters of Russian realism of XX century. Among the featured artworks will be paintings by A. Plastov, the Tkatchev brothers, V. Sidorov, G. Tchainikov as well as pictures by the graduates of the Surikov Moscow Art Institute. Thus, the display will demonstrate the viewers the existing link between the Soviet realistic school and the modern one.

Visitors to the event will be able to see not only the works, but also sketches, studies and other materials showing the process of creation of an artwork.

н. Anikeev. Fishing Expedition. 1970. Oil on canvas. Estimate $4,500–5,000. Auction of Russian Genre Painting. Russian Gallery of Arts. Moscow, May 17

The majority of displayed pieces are kept at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg; authors of the paintings are well-known not among connoisseurs of art but are also familiar to people, who do not consider themselves to be art lovers. For instance, works by M. Anikeev were chosen by Leonid Brezhnev to illustrate his book «Tselina» (Wild land); V. Tsyplakov was the only artist who was allowed to sketch the Stalin’s funeral; P. Ossovsky is a founder of the so-called «austere style» in painting; a number of works by D. Beluikin are kept in the art collection of Vladimir Putin; E. Stepura was awarded the Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts in the age of twenty-five.

Interestingly, prices for the realist painting of the Soviet age are much higher in the West-European countries rather than in the Russian Federation. For example, in Russia a genre painting by the legendary Tkatchev brothers (their famed painting «Young Spawns» featured literally in every ABC-book during the Soviet period) costs $40,000–100,000, while in any art gallery of the Great Britain or the United States a similar painting will most likely cost at least $80,000–300,000.

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