Afghan Artifacts and Relics Are Coming Back

Around 1,400 artifacts and monuments of Afghan culture, including rare archeological findings have been returned to the State Museum in Kabul. In 1999, on an initiative of UNESCO all those pieces were taken to the so-called «Afghan’s Culture Museum-in-exile» in Bubendorf, Switzerland.

«Afghans Culture Museum-in-exile» was founded by a Swiss foundation in 1975 for the purpose of keeping and preserving of documents relating to Afghanistan. Under agreement with UNESCO, the museum began collecting Afghan artworks donated by private collectors. The collection of the museum comprised 1,400 showpieces, which are now belonging to Kabul’s State Museum.

Numerous cultural monuments and art pieces were taken away from the country during the last years. For instance, giant statues of Buddha in Bamyan province were destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban; 4,500 kilograms of gold, silver and copper coins dating V BC–III AD discovered at Mir Zaka near Kabul were taken away from the country. The list of lost treasures and artworks compiled by the International Museum Council (UNESCO) in February 2007 comprise eighteen categories of items dating from classic sculptures of Gandhara up to XVII Muslim manuscripts.

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