Zavadsky Sentenced

On March 15, 2007, a Saint Petersburg court sentenced a history teacher to five years in prison for stealing dozens of precious objects from the famed Hermitage museum.

The court ruled that Nikolai Zavadsky, 54, colluded with his late wife, a museum curator, in the thefts. He was found guilty of stealing some 200 silver and enamel artifacts worth 14 million rubles ($536 million).

Zavadsky’s wife, Larissa Zavadskaya, died in 2005 of a heart attack. The loss of 221 artifacts from the Hermitage collection was discovered by her replacement last August during a routine check of items in storage.

Zavadsky pleaded guilty to the thefts. He said before his trial that he took many of the items to pawnshops and used the cash to buy insulin for his diabetic wife.
The St. Petersburg court ruled that Zavadsky would also have to pay back 7.4 million roubles to the Hermitage for the thefts.

Prosecutors had demanded a six-year sentence for Zavadsky. But the court said there were mitigating circumstances: Zavadsky had acknowledged his guilt, assisted the investigation and was in poor health.

Through August 2006–March 2007, police officials have managed to find 31 pieces from missing 221.

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