Restorers stand guard over!

The North-Western Restorers Association of Russia announced they made a next step to the St. Catherine Church restoration. The church was built in 1763-1783 according to the project of G.B. Vallen-Delamot and A. Rinaldy.

Nowadays it is main and the biggest one Catholic church in Russia. It was named in honor of Catherine II patroness – a martyr St. Catherine from Alexandria. The church was sanctified 7 October 1783.

In 1798 here was buried the last Polish king Stanislav August Polyansky who spent his last years at St. Petersburg. In 1829 A. Monferran got married in this temple, and in January 1837 here took place the wedding of J. D’Anthes and E. Goncharova. In 1858 here was read the burial service over Monferran.

After the October Revolution the church was closed and used as a storehouse. Later they organized here a department of Leningrad Philharmonic. In 1938 the remains of Stanislav August Polyansky were removed from the building.

Only in 1992 the church opened its doors to the believers. 11 May 2003 they also opened a Sunday school.

The repair has been proceeding more than 10 years. As a result they already fixed
the sealing, previously damaged by fire, made the lost modeled décor for the higher tower, drained the basement, made dump course, completely restored a part of service rooms and central nave. In November 2006 they completed the huge specter of the interior works: partly reconstructed the walls, built the upper tiers and formed pilasters.

The wall painting will become the last reconstruction step. Initially it was made by the invited Italian painters. Nowadays it will be renewed according to the preserved photos and descriptions. The restoration will be totally completed in 2011.

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