Record Price for Engraving

E. Munch. Two Men. Solitude. 1899

An engraving by famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863–1944) fetched a record price at auction. The artwork «Two Men. Solitude» («To mennesker. De ensomme») set the new world record at the Blomqvist auction in Oslo on November 13. According to the organizers of the event, the bidder who requested anonymity paid stunning NOK 8,200,000 (about $1,200,000) for the unique lot.

Since the early 1890s, Edvard Munch followed the popular Art Nouveau style («The Artist’s Sister», 1892, «Room of the Dying Man», 1893). However, the artist introduced many new trends in his works, which were typical for him throughout his career (harsh line pattern, dynamic composition, dissociating color scheme). Many of his highly emotional and often tragic pictures influenced development of Expressionism movement in Europe («Cry», 1893, «Dance of Life» 1899, «Girls on the Bridge»).

The majority of Munch’s works of 1890s–1910s relate to the symbolical cycle titled «Frieze of Life» (not completely accomplished by the artist). Edvard Munch also specialized in monumental painting (frescoes of the conference hall of the Oslo University, 1910–1916), created many expressive portraits of his contemporaries, made xylograph, lithograph works and etchings. The most comprehensive selection of Munch’s works is exhibited at the National Gallery in Oslo.

The artist created the painting «Two Men. Solitude» in 1899. The author’s engraving from the painting was made in 1917. A variant of the engraving with minor differences in composition was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in London in 2006 for impressive £550,000 (about $1,000,000).

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