Ancient musical instruments and musical issues in the exposition of the museum of Beloborodov

The Memorial museum of N. Beloborodov has opened an exhibition for the amateurs of music and history. Russian psaltery player, concertina, mandoline, violins, and other ancient musical instruments have been exposed.

A mandoline of the beginning of XX century was given to the museum by the widow of a Tula collector and violin master Mikhail Nesterenko, who used to donate one of his violins to Fidel Kastro. The highlight of the exhibition is a touch-tone accordion. The next show-case contains wind-instruments (clarinet, trumpet).

All the exposed musical instruments are given from the collection of the Tula regional literary-historical and architectural museum. The exhibits are the working instruments. The exposition also features reproductions of the pictures on musical themes from the art department of the regional library. The exhibition will be opened until the beginning of September.

The next hall of the museum contains a little exposition dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the famous Russian musical publisher Pyotr Yurguenson (1836-1903). Authentic music works of Bizet, Alyabiev, Chaikovsky have been exposed.

The Memorial museum of N. Beloborodov (15.02.1828 – 28.12.1912), the inventor of the chromatic accordion, organiser of the first orchestra of accordion players in the world was opened on March 25, 1995 in the house built by his grandfather, merchant M. Beloborodov in the end of XVIII in the centre of Tula.

The exposition features photographs, documents, things connected with everyday life, a harmonium, a gramophone, and the first chromatic accordion of N.Beloborodov. The visitors can get information about oeuvre and life of N. Beloborodov as well as about famous accordion masters and the continuation of musical traditions of the Beloborodov family. The museum holds not only permanent exhibitions, but also concerts, evenings, literary and musical events.

300000,16, the Lenin Avenue,Tula, Tula region

(4872) 36-1885, 36-2208


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