Vitaly Kalinin: «I can't understand the agiotage about «the lack of financing of federal cultural objects»

A press conference «The Problems of Protection of Monuments of Federal Importance» took place on July 6 in the press-centre «Culture of the North-West of Russia». The event was held by Vitaly Kalinin, the Head of the Russian Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Supervision Agency.

Vitaly Kalinin and his deputy A. Shukhobodsky explained the role of the Russian Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Supervision Agency, its functions. Besides, the journalists were interested in the protection of concrete monuments of federal importance.

As it was explained, the organisation doesn’t finance the monuments of federal importance. Its activity is connected with import and export of cultural pieces, supervision after federal museums, archives,mass media and libraries in the North-West of Russia. The federal monuments are financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Agency «Russian Culture», and Federal Address Investment Programs (FAIP).

In 2006 the line FAIP-St. Petersburg fetched 4,300,000,000 roubles. The total sum of regional investments of FAIP is about 38,800,000,000 roubles. The city programs of FAIP number 400,000, 000-500,000,000.

More than 3,600 St. Petersburg monuments of federal importance are taken by state organisations including the Midwifery and Gynaecology Institute in Mendeleevsky Line of the Basil Island. In this case, the Ministry of Health is responsible for the building and its restoration.

According to Alexander Shukhobodsky, the protection of monuments of federal importance is effectively realised in spite of some confusion in the information about the organisations responsible for the restoration of monuments of federal importance. «Since 2003 we have been observing the transformation of the city. Now the restoration of St. Petersburg is even better financed than in the Soviet period»- he told .

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