Two exhibitions held by the Hermitage

W. de Kooning. Without name I. 1982. Oil on canvas. Willem de Kooning Fund, New York

Besides the sensational opening-day (July 11) of two paintings by Andrea Mantegna, the painter of the Early Renaissance, there are also two exhibitions that are worth attention held by the State Hermitage.

The pictures created by Willem de Kooning (1904-1997), one of the most expensive modern artists, have been exposed in the central building of the Hermitage since July 4. His works often realised record sums at the auctions all over the world.

Being of Netherlands origin, in 1926 emigrated in the USA and by the mid-1960s he became he leader of New York school of abstract expressionism. His brought his invention – the painting of gesture – to the history of art. His canvases that have no subjects are created with large strokes of his impulsive manner.

I. Kaffi. Arch of Septhimy Sever. About 1857. Oil on canvas. Rome. Museum of Rome

The exposition features over 20 paintings dated 1981-1988 including the triptych of 1985 created for St. Peter church in New York. These are the late canvases of the artist created in his workroom in Long-Island, the USA, some of them are in the private collections of Switzerland and the USA at the present time.

The exhibition will be opened in the Nikolaevsky Hall until September 24.

The exhibition of one of the best landscape artists of the period of romanticism Ippolito Kaffi «Light of the Mediterranean»will be held in the building of the General Staff until September 3. – .

The large exhibition featuring over 100 art works gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the oeuvre of the artist, who gave the the new impulse for the tradition of Canaletto and became the forerunner of impressionism.

Art historians call Kaffi the artist-reporter. Following the painter, the visitors of the exhibition make a trip to the cities of Europe, Near and Middle East (besides Rome and Venice, there are Naples, Genoa, Turin, Nice, Geneva, Paris, Athens, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Cairo.

State Hermitage

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