Gelos has successfully ended the month

E. Yanson-Manizer. Sculptural composition «Galina Ulanova Taking the Part of Odetta in «Swan Lake» Ballet». Porcelain, blanching, modelling. Leningrad. LPF. 1930-1940. Height 43.0. Start price 35,000 roubles. The lot was sold for 140,000 roubles

On June 30 a Moscow auction house Gelos sold a sculptural composition «Galina Ulanova Taking the Part of Odetta in «Swan Lake» Ballet» (Leningrad Porcelain Factory, 1930-1940). The lot of a traditional Gelos’ sale realised 140,000 roubles. The lot was expected to fetch 35,000 roubles. The porcelain statuette had been created by the sculptor Elena Yanson-Manizer.

A tablewear set consisting of 12 forks and 8 knives created by the craftsmen of Faberge Factory started at 50,000 roubles and was acquired for 200,000 roubles.

Besides, there was a surprise in the Russian Icon auction section. The price for the icon «All-seeing eye» symbolising the Divine omniscience unexpectedly grew up from 12,000 roubles to 32,000 roubles. Such a depiction of the God isn’t characteristic for the orthodox icon-painting, the image is a rarity for the temples. It could cause the collectors’ interest to the icon.

The old books’ department is also worth telling as it became the highlight of the sales. It featured old books, intravital editions of famous writers, autographs, manuscripts, historical documents, and engravings.

The old book sales often take one of the leading positions among Gelos’ auction sections and are always a success with a public. On average, the old book sales consist 85 %. The intravital editions of famous writers and books from the collections of famous people.

A tablewear set consisting of 12 forks and 8 knives. Moscow. Faberge factory, 1908-1917. Silver, steel; foundry, engraving, assembling. Total weight 1,200 grammes. Start price 50,000 roubles. The lot was sold for 200,000 roubles

Probably, the sum gained from this sale will exceed 85 %. The forecasts given by the experts of the antiquarian market connected with the sales specialised in Russian old books held by Sotheby’s on June 2 in the course of the Russian Sale . 116 lots from 218 were sold in London. Sotheby’s realised £794,472.

The first three volumes of «Grand Dukes’ and Tsars’ Hunting in Russia» (St. Petersburg, State Documents Storage Expedition, 1896-1898) – one of the famous publications of pre-revolutionary Russia was sold for $11,000. It was estimated at $3,000. By the way, in our web store you can purchase a reprinted publication of «Grand Dukes’ and Tsars’ Hunting in Russia» .

Rich publication dedicated to three hundred days journey (from October 23, 1890 to August 4, 1891) of Grand Duke Nikolai Alexandrovich (future Emperor Nikolai II) to Greece, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Siberia was sold for the start price ($6,500). The text of the book was written by a member of the journey prince Esper Esperovich Ukhtomsky (1861-1921). Both pre-revolution publications were sold in the Kiev auction section.

A. Kruchenyh, V. Khlebnikov. Game in a Hell. Moscow, G. Kuzmin and S. Dolinsky publishing, 1912. 14 sheets. Issue 300 copies. Lithographic edition with drawings by Natalia Goncharova. 17.9 x 14.0. Start price 80,000 roubles

Poem of Kruchenyh and Khlebnikov under designing name «Game in a Hell» was sold for 80,000 roubles. This «devil» book (with devil depicted on a jacket) was published by issue only 300 copies and contains Natalia Goncharova’s (Alexander Pushkin’s wife) drawings.

Sections of the magazines «Building of MTS and Sovkhozes» and «USSR at Building Site» were nice scales up in price. The lots realised 70,000 roubles and 200,000 roubles correspondingly.

The first Russian edition of «Doctor Zhivago» by Boris Pasternak fetched 30,000 roubles twice exceeding the start price.

A picture «Bouquet», lot № 364, by Aron Froimovich Bukh attracted the attention of buyers. «Bouquet» was acquired for 50,000 roubles. It was expected to fetch 30,000-35,000 roubles.

Next monthly auction in Gelos will take place on July 28.

Auction house Gelos

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