Ladies met the challenge!

Moscow. On June 24, the Rally club of classic automobiles organized a remarkable competition. The thing is that crews that took part in the race consisted of women. Ladies met the challenge!

Waiting for the start of the rally, those brave women posed for photo portraits in evening dresses as if they were going to a reception or a pleasure trip. After the finish, in split second they tidied their splendid hair and proudly ascended the podium to receive awards.

Traditionally, only classic automobiles manufactured before 01.07.1970 could participate in the event. The cars produced later than that date took part in the race without classification. Entries from members of automobile clubs took precedence of others.

Natalia Kozlova and Olga Zaretskaya on a Mercedes 230 SL were the first. Notably, the crew had an «unlucky» No 13. Milka Kresoya and Oksana Smirnova on a Mercedes-Benz 190SL came in second. July Efrussi and Ekaterina Nikolaeva on Cadillac De Ville won the third prize as well as the People’s Choice award from Antiq.Info magazine.

Additionally, a special prize «Dream» (also presented by Antiq.Info) was awarded to two charming women: a Corvette’s pilot Olga Eremeeva and Olga Mamonova. In spite of many difficulties, those daring ladies managed to finish successfully.

Russian celebrities joined the rally of rare automobiles as well. A showbiz star Anita Tsoy and Irina Tshchipina-Darminova suffered a breakdown and had to change the automobile. The young women finished on a Mercedes Pagoda 200SL.

Although one of 17 participants of the race lost its way, while another one was pulled in for speeding by road police, in general the event was a success with participants and onlookers.

Photo by Elena Brusilovskaya

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