Russian and European painting

V. Zarubin. «Rowing to the citadel under moonlight». 1919. Oil on wood. 68.5 x 88.9. Estimate ₤7,000–10,000. The lot was sold for ₤30,000

As Western and Russian auctioneers and observers noted for many times, Russian art provides undoubted success for all the foreign auctions. On March, 29 «shark» of the auction business – house Christie’s held the sales of works by European and Russian artists.

The auction was held in London on South Kensington. European painting was represented by Polish, Italian, Dutch, Austrian, German and French painters. The final sum of the sales was ₤1,120,380.

In the «Russian» section of the auction collection the work attributed to Ivan Shishkin became the top-lot. Though the painting «Lakeside forest» was only supposedly painted by the great Russian artist, it got the highest estimate at the sales (₤25,000–35,000) and in spite of the doubtful provenance it was purchased for ₤45,600 and thus became the top-lot of the sales.

K. Filippov. Carts with hay. 1854. Oil on canvas. 84 x 67.4. Estimate ₤10,000–15,000. The lot was sold for ₤36,000

The sketch by Klavdy Lebedev for the painting «Marfa Posadnitsa, the Destruction of the Novgorod Veche» was estimated ₤10,000–15,000 and according to the calculations of the experts of the auction house was to become the second successfully sold lot from the Russian collection. But the price of the sketch turned out to be considerably lower than the initial estimate – ₤8,400.

On the second place there was the work by Konstantin Filippov «Carts with hay». The canvas painted in 1854 was estimated ₤10,000–15,000. But the bids grew till the final sum – ₤36,000. Some paintings by the Russian artists had the estimates ₤10,000–15,000.

The work by Konstantin Gorbatov «Still-life with flowers and fruit on the balcony on Capri» painted in 1930 was successfully sold for ₤19,200. The painting by Grigory Mjasoedov «The owl flying over the forest pond» dating of 1871 was sold for ₤14,400.

One of the most successful sales from the point of view of the correlation of the estimate and the final price was the purchase of the work by Victor Zarubin «Rowing to the citadel under moonlight» dating of 1919. The estimate of the work painted in oil on wooden plate was ₤7000–10,000. The final price of the painting grew three times and reached ₤30,000.


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