Spring Bergmann sales

Unknown master. Sugar-bowl. Moscow. 1790. Silver, gilding, engraving. Height 16,5 cm. Weight 288 g. Estimate €11,000. Sold for €11,500

The last auction of the series of Spring Bergmann sales took place on March 25. The German auction house offered bidders 1036 lots in fifteen subject strings. The auctioned collection featured two silver art pieces by Russian masters, twenty-two collectible toy locomotives, carpets, jewelry decorations (including the Faberge works) and attractive selection of porcelain.

According to the news agency «Russian Antique», forty monochrome objects produced at the Meissen porcelain factory were put up for sale in a separate string. The majority of those works were not preliminary estimated, as art experts believed that their true value would be defined during bidding process. For instance, a porcelain candlestick with three cupids at its base (1860) fetched €1,200. The cupids at the base of the piece (height 57,0 cm) are playing musical instruments. There are seven candles located at two levels. The candlestick has its own serial number marked at the base: G 194. The lot has already been restored.

Tea container. 1740–1750. Meissen porcelain factory. Porcelain, cobalt glazing. Estimate €1,950. Lot unsold

One of the oldest samples of the Meissen porcelain at the sales was a tea container decorated with images of chrysanthemum and lotus. The rare and unique item dates back to 1740–1750. Unfortunately, the container is preserved in quite poor condition; there is a clearly seen 2,5 cm crack in its rectangular body. The lot was expected to fetch at least €1950, but failed to find a new owner.

Among highlights of the Russian selection was a gilded sugar-bowl shaped as a goblet with a monogram of the Emperor Alexander I and a double-headed eagle on its lid (estimate €11,000).

Unknown master. Vodka glass. Tobolsk. 1775–1780. Silver, gilding. Height 3,5 cm. Weight 40 g. Estimate €380. Sold for €1,200

The sugar-bowl was created in Moscow in 1790s to commemorate the marriage (1793) of Alexander I and Luisa Maria von Baden (in future the Empress Elizabeth). The author of the exceptional item is unknown; however, there is a mark «A.V.» engraved in the piece. The sugar-bowl was sold for €11,500.

Still, the star of the event was a silver vodka glass created by an unknown master from Tobolsk between 1775 and 1780. Estimated at €380 the lot made impressive €1,200.

As expected, two Faberge pendants shaped as Easter eggs with a golden chain (length 51 cm) realized modest €200 (estimate €160).

We remind that you may order the complete catalogue of Bergmann sales as well as ones of other auction houses at our site.


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