Russian Kopeck Outvalues Thaler

A Kopeck. 1762. Copper, 5,49 g. Estimate $15,000. Sold for $13,000

A Moscow-based auction house «Gelos» held its regular numismatic sales on March 18. The auctioned collection comprised four hundred lots. Among the most sought-after collectibles at the auction was a selection of European medieval coins, coins of the Ottoman Empire and Russian medals and coins dating before 1676, as well as ones of the Peter I age.

Many important lots were hammered at prices significantly exceeding their pre-sale estimates. A rare and unique silver ruble (1704, estimate $12,000–15,000) made impressive $22,000. The ruble was coined at the Orel mint.

One Ruble. 1704. The Orel mint. Silver 27,77 g. Estimate $12,000–15,000. Sold for $22,000

A golden medal «In Memory of Coronation of the Emperor Paul I» fetched $26,000. An exceptional copper kopeck dating as early as 1762 did well at the auction too. According to numismatists, the State History Museum also has a similar coin in its collection; however, the museum coin is preserved in much more poorer condition. By the way, the expert conclusion attached to the auctioned coin was presented by the head of the numismatics department of the State History Museum I. Shiryakova. The final price of the kopeck minted during the reign of the Empress Elizabeth reached $13,000 (estimate $15,000).

Coins produced before the Peter I time (the so-called «efimki») were sold within the range of $1,300–$1,600, while the West-European zecchinos (sequins), ducats and thalers brought less money (their hammer prices did not exceed $500).


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