Collection of Zorensky: Final Sales

 Paired Vases with Lids. Circa 1767–1768. Height 37,6 cm. Estimate ₤12,000–15,000

The final session of Bonhams sales dedicated to porcelain art pieces will take place on February 22. A comprehensive selection of the Worcester porcelain works is coming from a private collection of the Zorensky family. The owners of the unique collection remember the start of their «hobby» very well. The couple once saw a small teapot in a London shop. The first item of their future collection cost ₤38. At that time Zorensky could not expect how far their passion for the Worcester porcelain would take them.

The auction comprises more than four hundred lots: antique porcelain tableware. Exceptional pieces of the Royal Worcester porcelain are put up for sale with different pre-sale estimates. Bidders will be able to buy various objects: from a rare XVIII century mug (estimate ₤250) to unique porcelain statuettes (estimate ₤7,000–10,000).

English porcelain named after a porcelain factory in the town of Worcester (founded in 1751) is highly valued by experts and art critics. The Worcester porcelain was often decorated with depictions of birds, flowers or portraits of kings (for example, portraits of Friedrich the Great).

Two Porcelain Statuettes. 1768. Height 17 cm. Estimate ₤7,000–10,000

The factory produced a variety of polychrome gilded objects (vases, baskets, cups, teapots, jars, etc.) in Oriental, Chinese and Japanese style. During the English Empire style period the Worcester masters created fine gilded and painted porcelain. Through the Victorian Age the factory was an undisputable leader at the porcelain market. Introduction of the so-called «Worcester» décor (pearl and gemstone pattern) did much for development of the porcelain industry in general.

Reportedly, two paired vases with lids dating around 1767–1768 will become top-lots of the sale. The vases painted in blue and white and decorated with images of exotic birds and flowers are expected to fetch from ₤12,000 to ₤15,000.

An extremely rare creamer was manufactured circa 1752–1753. Most likely, it is one the first objects produced at the Worcester factory. The lot is estimated at impressive ₤10,000–12,000. Another creamer also dating circa 1753 is put up for sale with an estimate ₤8000–12 000. It differs from the first creamer by a more curved shape and a pattern on the neck and the handle.
Among other highlights of the auction will be porcelain figurines of gardeners dating about 1768 (estimate ₤7,000–10,000).

Like many other auctioned lots, these statuettes have been restored and have minor defects.

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