A different view on Soviet Era

Yuri Vasiliev. Bazar. 1960. Oil on cartboard. 35,0 И 70,0. Estimate $2000

In the second decade of March, 2006, an auction dedicated to paintings of Soviet Era will take place in Moscow. It is organized by “Kiselev” Club of contemporary art development.

The sБlЕ will contain paintings and drawings of “sotsrealism” artists: нichail Ananjev, Cerafim Altaev, Petr Bogachev, Yuri Vasiliev, Victor Kotov, Jakov Kozlov, Nicolai Novikov, Pavel Sudakov.

Works of art of soviet realism are drawing up growing attantion for the past several years. Pictures of Soviet artists now take part in international auctions. Social realism is something that foreight art aesthet will never find in his country’s history.

Yuri Vasiliev. Fishing Gear.1960. Oil on cartboard. 70.0x50.0. Estimate $1900

As sale’s organizators (“Kiselev” Club) say, many people see social realism art of Soviet Era as some kind of soviet impressionism. Others think that it is a dad end of development, a pictorial art that lacks of sincerity and tries to substitute reality.

However, today the Soviet Era art can be devided by two trends: the art of officious iconography, that favours the regime and it’s leaders, and the parallel art which is of higher quality, more poetical, free, and closer to daily livings of people.

This exact parallel art will be introdused to future auction: only free from schemes and harmonious pictures. The most famous of them are 3 paintings of Yuri Vasiliev (“Bazar”, “Suckling Mother” and “Fishing Gear”) and a work of Petr Bogachev “Domestic Worries”. Vasiliev’s pictures make an estimate of $2000, $1500 and $1900. Bogachev’s work will go on sale with $2500 estimate.

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