A bill with the Beatles lyrics on it is set to fetch a staggering price

Cover of the Beatles album «Revolver»

John Lennon’s telephone bill is set to fetch a staggering $360,000 (€286,000) at auction in September because the late musician penned the lyrics to «I’m Only Sleeping» on it. The document, a final demand from the General Post Office for twelve pounds and three shillings was sent to Lennon in 1966 when he was working on «The Beatles’» masterpiece «Revolver».

«I’m Only Sleeping» is a song by «The Beatles» that appeared on their studio album «Revolver». Though the song-writing credit is Lennon-McCartney, the song was written solely by John Lennon. It is unique because it features a guitar solo by George Harrison played backwards. The melody is consistent with the rest of the song because Harrison took great pains to practice the entire melody of his solo backwards, so that when reversed, only the sound of the guitar would sound backwards, to fit the dreamlike mood of the song. This hazy, disjointed mood on top of the lyrics suggest a drug-induced state rather than actual dreaming, and this is the usual interpretation of the song. However, the first draft of Lennon’s lyrics for «I’m Only Sleeping», suggest that he actually was writing about the joys of staying in bed rather than any drug euphoria. In fact, Lennon loved staying in bed, and when he wasn’t sleeping, he would sit in it and read, write, or watch television. One way or another, but Beatles memorabilia is and always be a success with music fans and collectors.

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