Stolen Chagall painting found in St. Petersburg

Mark Chagall. Hasid

St. Petersburg and Leningrad region Department of Internal affairs dealing with plundering of cultural and historical values prevented smuggling of the stolen painting by Marc Chagall «Hasid».

The canvas along with works by A.Lentulov, I.Ayvazovsky, A.Rodchenko and a painting by unknown master depicting the New York Central Park was plundered from a St. Petersburg private collector. («» No 16, May, 2004).

As the chief of the Department Vladislav Kirillov told a correspondent of the news agency «Russian antique», the Chagall canvas was confiscated together with a number of less important works of art. Three icons and several paintings were seized by detectives in a restaurant when criminals were passing the valuables to a new «owner». Policemen were aware that the criminals had taken the valuables to the restaurant by taxi. Noteworthy, the confiscation coincided with the opening of artist’s exhibition in the State Russian museum on June 30.

Most important of the found items except for the Chagall painting was an icon with the image of Iosaf Belgorodsky. This saint was rarely depicted in the Russian icons. The work by unknown painter was seized as well. The painting is not signed and dated. A small village covered with snow is depicted in it. The canvas was brutally cut off its frame; thus, its edges are slightly damaged. The canvas was also folded several times, causing damage of the paint layer.

If you possess any important information concerning the found items, contact with St. Petersburg Department of Internal affairs by phone (812) 278-34-02 or e-mail

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