“Gelos” Easter Auction

Easter egg with the image of the Saint Martyr Catherine. Porcelain, painting, gilding. Height 9,5cm.
Saint-Petersburg. Imperial Porcelain Factory. XIX century. Sold for 130,000 rubles.

On the 26th of April the Easter auction was held in Russian auction house “Gelos”. A special collection of icons and Easter eggs was presented. The auction’s catalog included strings of numismatics, antiquarian books, philately, household articles and interior items, porcelain and glass, antiquarian arms, Russian and West-European paintings, contemporary art, Russian icons, silver, jewelry, antiquarian furniture… In all more than 550 lots.

The top-lots were the sculptural composition “Janissary”, tea-set “Tête-à-tête”, collection of Russian stamps of the period from 1857 to 1917, two Easter eggs (wooden and porcelain) and also the publication of count F. Tolstoy dedicated to memorable medallions of 1812, 1813, 1814 and 1815 events.

The composition “Janissary” by E. Lansere has some insignificant defects but in general is preserved in good condition. On its base there is a clear inscription: “E. Lansere.”, “F. S”, “from M. F. 1887”.While working on the composition the artist used to study the everyday life of Cossacks, Kyrgyz, and Caucasians with their swift and strong horses. The superb reflection of the typical traits of the model, dynamism and naturalness of the movements, delicate and graceful modeling are distinctive features of Lansere works. The artist often worked with private customers and the inscription on the base of the composition allows supposing that it was also made to order. The “Janissary” was sold for 280000 rubles.

On the both Easter eggs presented on the auction the Saint Martyr Catherine is depicted. The wooden egg was made at the factory of N. A. Lukutin in 1888-1902. On the rear side there is an image of the two-headed eagle with scepter and globe and abbreviation NFL. The egg was sold for 11000 rubles.

The painted porcelain Easter egg was sold for 130000 rubles. Its painting was executed by a skilful artist. Though a bit damaged the item has significant artistic and antiquarian value.

The tea-set consisting of six items on a tea-tray in Russian style with different humorous inscriptions was sold for 28000 rubles. The tea-set was made of painted gilded porcelain at the Imperial Porcelain Factory during the reign of Alexander II (1855-1881). The tea-cups and saucers were restored. The height of the teapot is 20cm. The size of the tea-tray is 23x26cm.


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