Apostle’s Head by Velazquez To Be Sold in Madrid

The Sala Alcala de Madrid auction house will sell later today the work “Apostle’s Head” by Velazquez, oil on canvas that measures 38 cm. by 29 cm. The work comes from the Marquis of Casa Torres of Madrid and was later in the collection of the Countess of Saltes and then to a private collection. The work was exhibited in the “Velazquez y lo Velazqueno” show that took place in Madrid in 1961, in the 1990 Velazquez exhibition and the Velazquez in Rome exhibition of 2001.

According to the auction house, this work of art is a “fragment of a larger work identified as work from Velazquez’ youth around 1619-1620 it is related in style to the Saint Paul at the Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluna that measures 99 cm. by 78 cm.”

The head could be part of an apostle that also belonged to the Saint Paul of Barcelona and Saint Thomas of the Museo de Orleans. The action house does not discard the possibility that this is part of the twelve apostles that Antonio Ponz saw in the middle of the 18th century at the Cartuja Sevillana de las Cuevas. The catalogue also states that this work was first attributed to Velazquez by Mayer in his 1936 catalogue and since then has been accepted as such, except by Pantorba.

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