Spanish Govt Buys 2 Goyas for 1.75 Million Euros

The Spanish government has acquires two paintings by Francisco de Goya for 1.75 million euros at auction house Alcala Subastas. The paintings were discovered in a house in Madrid. The works are titled “Sagrada Familia” (Holy Family) and “Tobias y el Angel” (Tobias and the Angel). They were previously estimated to be worth only around 1,500 euros because it was not known they were the work of Goya. Alcala Subastas official Raquel Lombas said: “The owners had absolutely no idea what they had on their hands but Richard (De Willermin ) knew right away. If there was any remaining doubt, now it is gone. The Prado must have known something.” Richard De Willermin specializes in 17th- and 18th-Century Italian and Spanish art. He was in Madrid to appraise some works when he saw these two paintings in a hallway.

Fernando Checa, the director of the Prado Museum, said: “For the Prado, the two works are by Goya and they have been given out on loan as such.”

There was an anonymous bid by a prospective buyer which was then matched by the Spanish government, which can do this under Spanish law. It has the right to acquire historic works of art.

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