Black Paintings Was Not Painted By Goya

Juan José Junquera, History of Art professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, has just written a report that affirms that the art work “Black Paintings” attributed to Goya at the El Prado, is not actually a work of Goya. Junquera states in his report that the work was done after the death of Goya and could have been painted by his son. The work was previously dated between 1820 and 1823. Junquera also names other paintings that are attributed to Goya but are doubtful. Junquera will publish this information in a new book that will be published in England.

Junquera stated, “The work at El Prado was probably painted by Javier, son of Goya. There is no certainty of who painted it but it is certain that Goya did not paint it.” Junquera worked a long time doing research in the subject. He listed eleven reasons why Goya could not have painted that work.

The El Prado Museum issued a statement regarding Junquera’s hypothesis.

The museum said that the research by Junquera “is not complete or definite. It denies that it pressured the publishing house Scala to avoid the research.

“The museum had knowledge of the future edition on the Black Paintings by Goya written by Juan José Junquera through the publishing house Scala. Mr. David Campbell, Scala’s director, presented this past February its catalogue of future publications along with Junquera’s text and asked for the museum’s opinion on it.

The museum never expressed an objection to its publication, which was communicated to Juan José Junquera.

The museum considered that the texts by Junquera were not complete enough or definite to put into doubt the authorship of the Goya’s Bladck Paintings that are in El Prado.”

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