Art Experts Gather at British Museum

The world’s great museum experts gathered at the British Museum. They made the first authoritative list of the treasures that were stolen or destroyed in Baghdad. The experts placed most of the blame on the looting to the coalition forces. Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, said: “It’s very extraordinary … that with American troops in Baghdad, American troops almost at the gates of the museum, this was allowed to happen.”
Dr. Donny George, a curator at the Baghdad museum, said: “This is the crime of the century. The looted material belonged to all of mankind.” The summit convened to draft an emergency plan to recover the missing objects and stop further smuggling of nbsp; antiquities out of the country.
Dr. Donny George further stated, “I was afraid the building would be set on fire as had happened elsewhere. But they did nothing for three more days … I don’t know why. One of our staff who lived in the museum compound went to an American tank and pleaded with them, begged in fact, for them to come in front of the museum to keep it safe. But he was told they had no orders to do so. They were warned. Was it done intentionally? I don’t know. But moving a tank 50 of 60 meters would have saved mankind’s heritage. They got in by making holes in the walls and through the windows we had blocked.

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